Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Uzbeks like to celebrate. Wedding parties are the most famous expression of this. Even in humble families, hundreds of people can join the table, have some plov, a wodka or two, marvel at the young couple. (Anthony Bourdain has a nice portrayal in his No reservations episode on Uzbekistan)
Unfortunately, no wedding invitations for me yet, but Monday noon, a number of colleagues and I were cordially invited to a party celebrating the birth of a first grandson, the first being the triumphantly expected one.

Probably two hundred people were present, and a film crew, too interested when I delivered a wodka speech or two, encouraged by a local notable; and the plov tasted great. The picture is a memento all the guests received. No idea why it says 'Super Gamel'.

[A problem for my research: my excellent assistant got seriously ill. For a few days already, I have been searching for a replacement, trying to steal people from my colleagues, but to no avail. I, myself, have been sick too, but just the usual food- related thing]

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